Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reminder to talk about on Monday

Google drive shot submission naming convention: 

lowercase letter, numbers (if it's a single digit put a 0 first), if a partial number use an underscore not a period


Note that google will not automatically replace something with the same name, so you have to delete the previous version when you add a new one. 

It's all correct currently, and it should stay that way. With this system it is possible to automate the updating process so the most recent stuff can be implemented the most efficiently. 

Grass update!

With no lighting this is the different between Chris's grass and the new one.
Also this new version renders faster and now worrying about z-depth is a thing of the past!
This shader automatically figures it out for you!

I also made a quick new asset called dialroom_center_setdressing which is where the new plants are coming from. It might be good to set dress it better still, but this is a start. 

So yeah, now all lighters should tab in a new "dialroom_center_landscape" I will include a quick lighting pass of it all too.