Monday, February 29, 2016

quick quick colors

heres some very quick ideas
we like 9
zooooooom in please

buddha statue head

buddhahead1 from Steven Freebairn on Vimeo.

Weekly Assignment Management

Link to view the document on google drive.

Email Plans to:

General Tso Update


Tso texture studies

sarah- temple

Candle first pass

Ten Painting

Friday, February 26, 2016

Jampa Test

Here are some tests.  They are tests so I am trying to push extremes.
The first one is too gummy and I don't like the moles.  The eyebrows aren't neat enough.  His nose is too subsurfacey and I think that he looks too red.
The second one is too splotchy, and a little to yellow. But I think the density of the skin is working better.
The wrinkles on both of them need some love so I am experimenting with ways to get convincing wrinkles.

Thursday Test (6 hours)

Friday Test (1 1/2 hours)

Monday Test (1 hour)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Alternate Style Guide to Jampa

WIP General Tso Model

Temple model 1

Jampa turntable

Jampa Texture Reference

Some ideas for Jampa Textures
please zoooom in

sarah- Ten expressions

Rough PreVis

I rough modeled some shots from the storyboards and threw in some lights.
More to come!

Lower Key

Higher Key

Mo' Jampa

No idea what's going on in the VizDev side right now, but hey here ya go. How Jampa might approach turning the dial.

Ten Texture Callout

Here's a texture callout for Ten :) 

Note: Traditional fabrics include Cotton, Silk, Plant Fibers, and Hemp.

Also For ease of Skin Shading here's a helpful little paper that I found that touches on the difference in racial shading and such (which we'll probably find useful since Asian skin is rather different than a white person's skin!)