Animation Character Arcs


Character arcs:

Starts - Not ready for great task. Overwhelmed.
Learns - That he isn't alone, it’s a learning process, doesn't have to be the greatest right away. Balance between the day and night.

Doll - represents family and normal childhood.
Talisman - represents future and destiny.
Darkness - destiny, and new calling, unknown.

Motive - Duty and tradition.

1. Ten first arrives: Anxious, intimidated, homesick
2. Jampa shows Ten the talisman, and its power: Amazed, overwhelmed
3. When Ten is in his room and dream sequence: Lonely, homesick, overburdened = scared
4. Jampa helps Ten after dream sequence: Accepting, calming, realization, THEN wonder

Starts - High expectations for himself and for Ten. Rigid and set in his ways.
Learns - Empathy, humility. Just because something worked for him when he learned it, it will be different for Ten.

Jampa’s body language should always say something about his character.

Motive - Teach Ten, and pass on tradition.

1. Jampa through most of story: Struggling between strict and caring, but warm overall
2. After dream sequence: (see “Learns”)


(avoid tropes)

-Fiddling with objects and clothing - represents being closed off. Should be motivated.
-Doesn't have to be graceful.

-Rigid and formal, always have right arm up (except for specific instances).
-Soft hands. Not sharp gestures with hands. Fingers overlapping motion (but still look normal).

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