Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kitty Character Concepts

Johanna mentioned Jampa and Ten might look good as animals.  When I saw that I totally thought of this asian species, called the Pallas cat:

So plump and fuzzy!  Serious look on the outside but probably a big softie on the inside.

Ten, I figure, can be a little Siamese kitten:

Big blue eyes and those big ears can be super expressive.

 As far as I know of the story now, I gathered a serious no-nonsense Jampa in the beginning that eventually turns around to have a lot of empathy for Ten and his negative situation (whatever that ends up being.)

If we don't have a scene where jumbly Jampa envelops Ten in a huge bear cat  human? hug I will be slightly disappointed (like, 22.3% disappointed)

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